You Wear It Well    (ACME 103)  Wade Driver


Circle Left
I had nothing to do on this hot afternoon
But to settle down and write you a line
Do a Left Allemande and ya Dosie your own
Do a Left Allemande and you Weave
You wear it well, a little outta time, but I don't mind
You wear it well
There ain't a lady in the land so fine...oh my


Heads Lead Right, do the Right and Left Thru
Veer Left and all Ferris Wheel
The centers Star Thru and you Lead to the Right
Everybody do the Right and Left Thru
You Square Thru Three
Left Allemande new corner, all Promenade
You wear it well
A little old fashioned, but that's all right


Left Allemande and Swing
Now I'm eating my heart out
Trying to get a letter to you


Remember basement parties, your brother's karate
The all day rock and roll shows

Well I ain't forgettin' that you were once mine
But I blew it without even tryin'