Angel (Lionel Richie)

Producer: Scott Bennett
Arrangement: Scott Bennett
Studio: Buzz Smith Music
Bass/Drums: Buzzy Smith
Piano/Synth: Buzzy Smith
Guitar: Paul Chester
Sax: Kelly Dean
Vocal: Scott Bennett
Key: G
BPM: 128
Chart: TBD
Original: YouTube

ASD Music Review:

Good dance beat with an unusual rhythm after beat on every other measure. Tune is easy to follow with clear leads played by piano, guitar, and saxophone. Lots of fill notes from the same instruments. This is a contemporary pop song (Lionel Richie) done in a modern jazz style that will relax the dancers and allow the caller to croon the song. Scott pulls off another good vocal using proper word meter. Music includes a track without lead that could be used as a hoedown. Adjust speed.