Acme Recordings

Here is the Acme story:

Evolution of Acme:
My name is Scott Bennett and it has been a goal of mine to have my own Square Dance music production company and that is why I started the Crest Recordings label. Crest along with Buzzy Smith of Houston, TX started a sound that I want to continue to develop and it is a sound I want to preserve.

Acme Recordings will feature music from many different genres and could come from Buzz Smith Music as well as "other" studios/musicians. I assure you that the music will be great or I will not release it. I will record some of the vocals and I will have caller friends of mine record songs on this label.

Musical arrangement:
Acme Recordings will remain true to the original flavor of the song where I can and mix the music around so that it is not just the same sound “7 times through”. I intend to have “leads” (guide melody line) that are at a little lower in volume so that they do not get in the way and I will provide a "no-lead” (no guide melody line) version, try to keep the “key” in a range for people like me who need to be more toward the “middle”. I want to turn the “fills” up just enough to let them stand out without having to use the remote volume control! If I use any “brackground” vocals (BGVs) they will include a “no-brackground” vocal (no BGVs) version as well. I want to stay true to the song where I can, while realizing that “call-ability and dance-ability” need to come first!

Getting Acme Recordings:
I will sell my music for the “going rate” in a “high bitrate mp3” format downloadable from this website and payable via “PayPal” to give everyone a safe and easy way to pay.